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From sports to music. We are traveling and shooting creative videos and filming projects. often collaborating with other companies to create a great shot with a team of experienced minds. 

Photograph service

Known for our industry standard shots and editorial pieces.  Look through the lens with us and develop great shots for any style of marketing material to promotional pieces. 

Re-touch service

Beauty is a perspective and we are our own worse critic.  A few blemishes will never get in the way of obtaining great shots and awesome work. Skin, background replacement and photo-manipulation. 

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Stunning Promotional Videos

Stand out!

As social media advertising begin to take over. Teams, Companies and Brands are tackling creative content. 

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Take your hands off the wheel, and let us create for you on a monthly bases.


  • I hope to work with you all again in the near future. Our staff love the promo

    Jennifer Sloan

Team EyeRoc

216 – 802 – 8500  studio1@eyerocmedia.com